AquaYug Н2О mineral water factory is a national producer of top-quality drinking water. The company has 100% Russian capital. It was founded for achieving an ambitious and right goal consisting in making high-quality drinking water obtainable and affordable for every resident of Russia.

The social responsiveness of AquaYug H2O drinking water producer is based on the following strict principles::

  • Water brings health
  • Water is obtainable by everybody
  • The quality of water is the most important thing

We are open for everyone, because we are proud of our company and the results of our work.

Today OOO PKF AquaYug H2O is one of innovation-based enterprises of the South of Russia.

It is a multiple and perfectly adjusted complex designed for the production, treatment, preparation, packaging, and sale of natural drinking water..

Our enterprise has a quality management system, a large structure of logistic facilities with a cargo transport fleet and modern warehouse facilities and premises.

It provides the existence of new brands in the market designed for satisfying the need of Russians for high-quality natural drinking water. We have a selection of mineral water of different kinds (containing certain minerals) and top-quality drinking water (optimally suited for cooking and everyday drinking without any limitations), as well as children’s drinking water.


Well No. 198 А was drilled in the town of Aksay of Rostov region. It has a status of mineral block allocation of Arkhyz vein.

According to hydrogeological zoning the relevant subsurface site is located in the open part of the northern side of Azov-and-Kuban basin.


Artesian aquifers are securely protected against surface contamination.

Due to the vacuum bacteriological cleanliness inside the well, water has natural perfect cleanliness and does not require any special-purpose artificial treatment.

Quality laboratory

Layers of rocks purify and mineralize water saturating it with microelements and macroelements.

Natural mineral water is undergone only mechanical treatment without the application of any other kind of treatment capable of its original content.


PKF AquaYug H2O mineral water factory manufactures products using contactless technology according to the standards of the European Union.

Water is bottled on-site in a state of nature in compliance with all necessary hygiene and sanitary conditions.


Choosing the products by AquaYug H2O the consumer obtains water of permanently high quality containing all essential elements.

Be sure of the health-profit of drinking water! Saturate your body with health, vigour, and positive energy!