PKF AquaYug Н2О Ltd. is a modern high-technology production enterprise having high-level corporate culture and social responsiveness.

We offer people the most valuable natural resource – pure natural drinking water. As it is known, water is very sensitive to environmental factors and exposures of any kind. That is why our product is surrounded with love and care of all the participants of the production, marketing and sales process.

AquaYug Н2О’s team is fully consists of appreciative and optimistic specialists generously giving their high spirits and good mood to water they produce. Positive thinking, mutual help, team spirit, mutual respect, and comprehension of the Company’s mission and goals are the common features uniting all the employees of our Company. Our vector is development and continuous forward and upward movement. If you want to join us, we will be glad to receive your CV:

Chief HR Officer:
Maslova Anna Leonidovna