Каталог воды cладкая вода

Water, 0.5, 1.5, 5, and 19 liters

You will not read here that water is the source of life on the Earth, that water occupies 70 % of the surface of our planet, that the man consists of water by 70%, that water intake daily rate is 2 liters per person. We will tell you about the most important thing for every human being – about human health. We will tell you about the health of children and adults, schoolchildren and students, office workers and those people who work at factories. The question is the health of the nation.

Think about the water your children drink in children gardens and schools. And what kind of water do you drink coming into work?  Do you know that sometimes occasional or random selection of drinking water can entail severe consequences?  How often do you look not only at the value of water you buy, but also to its composition? What do you know about the producer of such water?

Choosing the products by AquaYug Н2О you choose water of permanently high quality and get all essential elements. You are sure of the health-profit of our drinking water and know that you fill your body with health, vivacity, and positive energy!

In case of bulk order within the city of Rostov-on-Don we will deliver water to you. We also deliver water to the offices of Rostov commercial companies.